Software to Monitor Power on UPS and PDU

Software Interface Products

bullet Provides graceful shutdown to avoid system crashes and data loss
bullet Network broadcast messages - keeps everyone informed
bullet On-screen countdown timer
bullet Log file records all power events
bullet Easy-to-view power history graph
bullet Dial out on a modem
bullet User defined shutdown timers
bullet User modifiable warning messages

Designed to UPS Industry Standard Interface

When a power failure occurs, the Power Monitor broadcasts a message to all logged-on users indicating that the server or workstation is running on battery power. If power is restored, the shutdown timer is reset and a message is broadcast indicating that utility power has been restored. If power is not restored, Power Monitor will perform an automatic, unattended, graceful shutdown of the operating system.

Provides graceful shutdown Upon expiration of the timer or low battery level of the UPS, the software will perform an orderly unattended shutdown of the server.
Runs as a background task No user interaction required for monitoring.
Low battery signal override Power Monitor will override shutdown timer if low battery is detected. (May vary by hardware and OS)
On-screen power history graph Shows number of power outages, longest and shortest AC power outages, average length of outages, number of shutdowns because of timer expiration, and low battery or manual shutdown.
Dial out on a modem Notifies users of AC power failure, UPS low battery condition and arrival of shutdown time.
On-screen countdown timer Shows time remaining before shutdown
Network broadcast messages Informs users that are logged on to the server that power has failed and notifies them to save applications.
Records all power events All AC power failures, power restored, low battery and system shutting down messages are sent to a special system log file.
User modifiable warning messages Software allows for configuration of custom broadcast commands.
User defined up time Allows battery time to be set before shutdown occurs
Software loads automatically Each time the server is booted, Power Monitor will automatically load and begin monitoring the UPS status.
Simple installation All installation and configuration screens are designed to be user friendly, ensuring fast setup and easy maintenance.
Multiple applications available Single UPS monitoring, multiple servers monitoring a single UPS, SNMP monitoring and monitoring UPSs without an interface.

Part Numbers Operating System Media Interface Cable
ETI0001-0857 Windows NT (Intel) 3.5" diskette  
ETI0001-0852 Novell Netware 3.5" diskette  
ETI0001-0842 Standard UNIX * 3.5" diskette  
ETI0001-0851 HP-UX 4 mm DAT  
ETI0001-0838 DEC Open VMS & VAX TK-50 Tape  
ETI0001-0839 DIGITAL UNIX TK-50 Tape  
ETI0001-0856 Windows 95/98 3.5" diskette  
ETI0001-0841 IBM OS/2 3.5" diskette  

* Standard Unix includes the following operating systems: SCO UNIX, SVR4, SUN OS, SUN Solaris

Power Monitor is a contact closure monitoring application which is not limited to the UPS industry. This application has also been used in a number of other industries including: security systems, environmental protection and TVSS units. Contact ETI and inquire about how we can meet your contact closure monitoring needs.

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